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V-Steams & Smudges

Herbal combinations used to cleanse, tone, heal and nourish the reproductive organs. (For home Use.) Palo Santo (holy wood) along with other assistance from nature hand-picked and bundled for your clearing and grounding needs.

Craniosacral Therapy

C.S.F. surrounding the brain and spine, is used as an diagnostic tool for pain relief.

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Tummy Love


Therapeutic Abdominal Massage,  for general health;  acute and chronic issues.



Yep, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage are awesome! Discover a new favorite with these unique and profound  services, administered by an experienced and licensed massage therapist.

Reiki & White Light Energy

Release energy, information and old agreements that no longer serve you.

Informative Self-Care Videos

​With Tlove's online videos, learn how to take care of your own tummy. It's with you 24-7. Also, be prepared for your Therapeutic Ab. Massage, in office session.