Tummy Love

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Informative Self-Care Videos

​With Tlove's online videos, learn how to take care of your own tummy. It's with you 24-7. Also, be prepared for your Therapeutic Ab. Massage, in office session.

Reiki & White Light Energy

Release energy, information and old agreements that no longer serve you.


Therapeutic Abdominal Massage,  for general health;  acute and chronic issues.

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Yep, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage are awesome! Discover a new favorite with these unique and profound  services, administered by an experienced and licensed massage therapist.

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Gift Cards and Other Stuffs

Herbal combinations used to cleanse, tone, heal and nourish the reproductive organs. (For home Use.) Palo Santo (holy wood) along with other assistance from nature hand-picked and bundled for your clearing and grounding needs.

Craniosacral Therapy

C.S.F. surrounding the brain and spine, is used as an diagnostic tool for pain relief.