Tummy Love

2013, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage, Professional
2012, Visceral Manipulation-Barral Institute
2012, Chi Nei Tsang-Karen Korvic                                                       
2007, A.R.C.H. (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing)-Laurie Keako’a Grant
1999, CranioSacral Therapy-Upledger Institute                                                                       1998, Massage Therapy-Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy
1995, Reiki Master-Laurie Grant
1992, Tai Chi Chi Kung, Round Chi Kung-Don Ahn
Present studies:  Fusion of the 5 Elements, Tai Chi Chi Kung and Iron Shirt Chi Kung (Mantak Chia)

Experience &Training

5/2011-7/2013, Element Natural Healing- Brooklyn, NY
12/2006-2012, Great Jones-New York, NY
Sept 2008, Evian- New York, NY

5/2004-9/2005, Exhale Mind Body Spa-New York, NY
4/2004-11/2004, Olive Leaf Wholeness Center-New York, NY
Whew! I need a break- Italy 2001-2003

99-2000, Indigo Bodywork Studio (Owner)Brooklyn, NY
1998-99, Haven Day Spa-New York, NY

10AM-7PM W-F,  12:30PM-6PM  Sat&Sun  313.919.2280  Closed Mon&Tues

Keely Jackson, Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, has over 19 years in the Energy and Body work fields.

Originally from Detroit, MI, she considers New York her second home for the past 21 years. Some of those years have been spent experiencing other towns and countries like Italy, Croatia, Venezuela...closer locals Taos, New Mexico and the left coast. (Returning to Detroit, August 2013. Yay!)

Over 19 years of meditation practice has contributed enormously to her health, grounding and self-awareness.

The highest compliment she receives from a client is, "I trust you".



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